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What is Nanocentre?

Nanotechnology offers new possibilities which can increase our quality of life. Think of a reduction in energy consumption, stronger and lighter materials, and materials with new properties. This is nanotechnology. However, is nanotechnology always safe?  Nanocentre aims to support you to ensure safe innovation of products or processes that utilize nanomaterials. Nanocentre is the site where companies can get answers to their questions about safety of nanomaterials, where guidance is given to get familiar with the huge amount of information on nanomaterials, and the site which offers an opportunity to exchange information between companies, research organisations and the government. 

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The quick scan is ment to quickly find out if you work with nanomaterials,
or if you are exposed to nanomaterial and if you have taken measures to work
savely with nanomaterials. In the quick scan you will not find any explanations. These you can find in the frequently asked questions section.

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How to determine that I work safely with nanomaterials?


Do you have any questions?

You can ask all your questions by telephone or email. Questions regarding safety of nanomaterials are answered by TNO; questions about innovation opportunities are addressed by the Chamber of Commerce.


+31(0) 88 585 2222 (8.30-17.00)

You can telephone the Chamber of Commerce to discuss what innovation with nanotechnology can do for you.

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